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Fan your way to YouTube : PAFarrahAbraham

Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Blog

Hello Online viewers & fans, Thank you so much for following Sophia & I over the years on MTV, Sophia and I our continuing being supportive of our fans so we will be posting fun video’s to topic you submit, weather it be makeup or workouts etc. check out Thank You

Thumbnail3:01Farrah Facade (Tuesday Weekly!)


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MOM & ME Launch & Demo Days

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Blog

MOM & ME Launch & Demo Days 


So I wanted to start blogging about my demos, products, different stuff that I travel for. I love reading feedback of other entrepreneurs, so I figured I’d start writing some about my exciting progress.

So far the Mom& Me Italian sauce is only in Hy-Vee Grocery stores which is a Midwest grocery store chain. I used to work there for my first real job, and I started being a sacker, then checker, and finally catering, and then eventually left after two years and now I’m back where I started but selling my product in their store, It’s a great feeling to still have their support in my life and really loving my families sauce and concept of our brand which will be great for when we expand.

So far we have done our first launch at the Madison Ave. Hy-Vee store location I worked at and followed with demos at 5 other stores in the area so far.

Next week were going to be in Kansas and other area Hy-Vee’s. I must say as always it’s a little challenging sometimes doing the demos with the 4 of us all together (my mom, Sophia, my grandma and myself) but usually my grandma is helping watch Sophia, and my mom samples the sauce her way and I demo the sauce my way… I truly think when doing a demo to keep your samples ready, and have a quick 30 sec. run down of the food information is all that we as grocery shoppers need to here, but try telling that to my mom.

Here are some photos hope you enjoy, & if you get a chance to try the Mom&Me Italian Hot pepper Sauce post a recipe you used with it or take a picture, remember this is a all purpose sauce and I’ve made pizzas, pasta, tacos etc. with this lightly spiced flavorful sauce!

Check out, Twitter, Blogger, or InstaGram to share your recipes with the sauce!

August 11th 2012- Location: Hy-vee (1307 E. North Ave, Belton MO) 10:00 am- 2:00 pm

August 11th 2012- Location: Hy-vee  ( 301 NE Rice Road, Lee’s Summit, MO ) 3pm-7pm

August 17th 2012- Location: Hy-vee ( 5330 NW 64th Street, Parkville, KS) 3pm-7pm

August 18th 2012-Location:Hy-vee (2951 wanamaker road, Topeka KS) 9am-2pm

August 25th 2012- Location:Location: The Oasis Lake Travis(6550 Comanche trail, Austin TX) 11am-6pm

August 31 2012-Location: Hy-vee (1525 E 23rd St. south Independence, MO) 3pm-7pm

September 1 2012- Location:Hy-ve (west 87th parkway, Lenexa, KS) 12pm-5pm

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Summer sweet & Savory

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Foodie



Hey online foodies, I was thinking creatively about having that Summer watermelon

taste with my savory feel I crave and I came up with this perfection:

1 slice of watermelon (choose your thickness) enough to use as a foundation for other food

2 mushrooms

lime juice

6 cantelope melon balls

tomato & basil feta cheese crumbles

4 pinches of parsley

sea salt to taste

Prepare: Start by cutting the watermelon, once sliced remove seeds by using your melon ball tool

creating space and then place your cantelope  melon balls in the space of the watermelon. I quickly

heated my mushrooms with lime juice in the microwave for 1 minute, then slice and place in between

spaces of the watermelon. I then placed my pinches of parsley  around the bottom of the watermelon,

sprinkled tomato & basil feta cheese, and toped with sea salt.


Taste: delivered the sweet with the melons and savory with the mushrooms and cheese, perfect

combination, I would make this a summer favorite.












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Gift of Giving

Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Gift of Giving

Farrah is always giving back , whether it be for March Of Dimes, organizations helping diminish deprived children, or helping further education of teen parents, Farrah does all she can to make a difference.

Currently this month of July  Farrah is giving back towards Cancer awareness:

Please submit a contact form a receive special edition Bratz & Moxie Dollz for cancer awareness and educate your children and research how to help and be involved year round.

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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Parenting

Parenting is hard , so I like to focus on the fun side of parenting. When I become to serious and to focused on the responsibilities  I loose who I am and how I want to be a happy , healthy, reliable parent for my child. so let’s focus on somethings fun for you and your children. I really  think when were older and our kids our grown up the best thing we can do is look at are home made videos and enjoy every second, so I took the privilege to record and edit a video for sophia this week take a look and make a video with your family.

Not to mention this also helps develop their personalities!



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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Health

Being health conscious is something I haven’t had to work at, maybe because I have never liked fat, I enjoyed thinking at times my body is effortlessly perfect and let’s not forget a big portion of my degrees were filled with nutrition and how food dieting continues to change. Health , Health,Health! is on all of our minds, so much so we become lazy and really don’t care if our legs bulge, are tummy sags, and everything else is covered with baggy clothes. Yes, I’ve had these days, months where I let it all go.

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Red, White & Blue Spirit

Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Foodie


Hello Foodies,


First blog on the new website design, so what better way to keep with July Independence Day spirit!

Red, White, & Blue Spirit  Recipe

Ingredients: 6 blue berries,3 Tbs dried coconut  flakes, 1 cherry, 1 macaroon

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