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Farrah started her life like every other teenager- living with her parents, she had friends, a great boyfriend, and the typical hardships of growing up. Her life was about to change dramatically. At 16, Farrah became pregnant and her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half suddenly died in a car accident. This whirlwind of events set the pace for the next few years of her life.


MTV cast Farrah for the hit show 16 & Pregnant. From the original cast Farrah and 4 other girls were cast for another soon to be top rated show, MTV’S Teen Mom. The last season of Teen Mom aired in the summer of 2012. Farrah’s first book “My Teenage Dream Ended” was released August 2012. Since the top rated MTV hit shows, and Farrah topping the New York times best sellers authors list, Farrah has released a children’s book she worked on with her daughter Sophia entittled “Passy Perfume” on kindle. 


The ups and downs of teen life, her sudden loss of her daughter’s father, and the stresses that come with being in the limelight made Farrah into the woman she is today- responsible, diligent, and a wonderful mother.

Farrah’s ultimate goal is to be the best mother she can be to her beautiful daughter Sophia. She has continued to show her loving affection both on and off the camera as well as developing Sophia into a well-behaved and intelligent child.

Currently, Farrah along with 4-year-old daughter Sophia has returned to her roots of modeling, acting, writting ,pursuing her restaurant aspirations and over all entreprenuar that Farrah is . Completing her dual degree in culinary management and arts has brought out a business side of Farrah,  Farrah has helped launch her families recipe Italian Hot Pepper sauce MOM&ME in Hy-vee grocery stores. Farrah plans to continue her education through out opening her first restaurant, her literary projects and other career endeavors while attending Pace University in New York, for her BA in Accounting and Auditing. Farrah owes her success to her dedication of faith, passion for working hard and the strong support of her fans worldwide.

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Through the bad press, and  Farrah finding her way past the tangled Entertainment Industry web Farrah’s personal life is up for critisicm.  At times all public figures wish their personal relationships are spared for when things do come to a end, but yet instead of being torn down by negativness Farrah has channeled her energy to making every negative a positive, that she did in May of 2013 with Vivid Entertainment releasing Farrah’s Celebrity Sex Tape. The Vivid titled release out sold all other Celebrity Sex tapes in prior history. Farrah is now located in Texas and plans to give Sophia her daughter the best childhood and upbringing any single mother could ever imagine. Farrah hopes to interact with her fans during appearances, and a said rumored spin off show of her own, and further books and talk radio shows.