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 Fan comments      

“i just wanted to say i think you are an great example to your fans and girls all around you and i love your sound track and your book it made me cry and Sophia is so cute she has grown so much and your my favorite teen mom”


Dear Farrah,
“I just finished reading your book and I wanted to say that I REALLY admire you. I thought you were very brave to write about what you went through with your parents, Derek, how people treated you,and being a single mother. Sophia is very lucky to have you as her mother. Thank you for sharing!”


“Hi Farrah,
My husband and I are in our 30′s, we were also young parents. We watch teen mom with our teenage daughter, Nany, and we really admire you and your progress since 16 & Pregnant.  We are proud of your book and your accomplishments”

-Yami & Angel

“Hi Farrah! The other day I read about you in OK Magazine and I saw the mention of your book. Right away I was so interested and I downloaded it on my iPad! I cannot put it down!! It’s so amazing and touching to read! Its really shaping my life as a young teen. You are such an inspiration and thank you for sharing your life with all your fans. Ive watched you since day 1 on tv and you were always my fave! You’re gorgeous and Sophia is adorable. You should do an appearance here in NJ! It’d be awesome. Anyway love the book and thanks for being such a role model for girls like me. Xoxo”


“I think you are an inspiration to alot of girls. I am a grandmother of 5. My daughter was 17 when she had her 1st child and I know how hard it can be on you. I think you have been doing whatever it takes to provide a loving and caring enviroment for you and Sophia. I am glad to see your bond is growing with your family. They will always be there for you”


“I think Farrah is a wonderful role model for young women out there today.


                                              “HEY JUST WANTED TO STOP BY AND SAY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK …UR MY FAVORITE FROM THE SHOW BECAUSE U WHERE REAL AND REALLY TOOK CARE OF UR DAUGHTER NOT TO MENTION SUPER HOTT..LOL…BUT ANYWAY GONNA MIS NOT SEEING U ON SHOW KEEP UP GOOD WORK FARRAH I WISH U AND SOPHIA THE VERY BEST IN LIFE”                                                                                                                                                                                         -Chris

“Your amazing i wish i could meet you someday”


“hey ive been watching the show since the very beginning and i just wanted to let you know that i really connect with you. when 16 and pregnant started i has just had my son liam. he is now 3 and is turning 4 in february. on march 10 2011 his dad passed away. i miss him very much and its hard to accept that he is not here to see his son grow up. i feel your pain everytime i watch teen mom. but it helps alittle to know im not the only one going through this situation. thank you for sharing your story and i wish you and sophia the best.”

“I just finished reading your book today and thought it was amazing. I admire you for your strength and courage through everything you have been through. As I have watched every episode of teen mom and your 16 and pregnant episode you can truly tell how much you have grown up and become an amazing mother. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and can not imagine doing it on my own. You are an inspiration to many!”

“i want to say that you are very focused on your daughter and always putting her first. Most of the young moms here put partying first and their child last and ive seen you put her first since day 1 and also helping yourself get a better future for the two of you. You are an inspiration to me, i myself am a young mother, i have a 1 year old son named Christian and i had him at 21 right when i started college.Its been a struggle juggling both and trying to provide a place for us to live but when i see you strive i get the potential i need to move forward. Good luck with your and Sophia.Take Care!!”


“You are sooooo awesome and gorgeous I think you are the greatest mom ever:) sophia is a sweetie love her to pieces like you:) you have a good book which had me in tears cause it was sooo good:) you are super strong and gorgeous. You are my idol for real:)”


Farrah wrote and published a soundtrack to show her emotions of her favorite 10 chapters in her book “My Teenage Dream Ended”, if your a book reader & music lover purchase iBookstore version

your going to love every moment of this honest and inspiring story with one of your favorite MTV reality stars!


Too cute! Great book with a great message


“Passy Perfume” I think is amazing!!! HUG


Passy Perfume is a book about a young girl’s struggle to give up her pacifier. While it is aimed at children, parents can learn a thing or two from it as well! I read the book to my three-year-old son and, while he is attached to his blanket and not a pacifier, it helped me to see that his attachment is more than materialistic. Thanks to Farrah’s book, I can now help him make the transition from his blanket to a big boy keepsake!
You are an inspiration to young mothers, so proud of you and my daughter has almost finished the book made her put it down to sleep, your little girl is a credit to you, Hats off to Farrah!!  Xx